Fake Cop Busted After Pulling Over Real Cop

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October 23, 2008 | David Wallace | Comments 0

Police say a Connecticut man impersonating a police officer picked the wrong person to pull over. The fake cop, Israel Gomez was arrested Tuesday after pulling over an off-duty Hartford police lieutenant. Apparently Gomez turned on flashing lights and used a siren and loudspeaker to coax police Lt. Ronald Bair off the road.

The real cop called for backup, and officers arrested Gomez and 20-year-old Esteban Cardona. Gomez is now charged with impersonating a police officer, reckless driving and improper use of red flashing lights. Cardona, who was driving another car involved in the bogus traffic stop, is charged with reckless driving.

The real question remains as to what were their intentions – looking to rob someone, playing a prank, or just really stupid.

Original story at The Chicago Tribune.