Father Fires Gun To Scare Sons Into Doing Chores

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Fox News is reporting that a 71-year-old Albuquerque father says he fired a gun after his two adult sons refused to do their chores. Sammy Shannon calls it a form of discipline.

The official police report says the sons, ages 22 and 29, jumped Shannon Monday night after he hit one of them. They pinned him down until their mother ordered them to let him go. The father says he then decided to use his own brand of discipline on his sons and that’s when he got his gun.

Shannon admits he fired his .38, but says he didn’t aim it at his sons and would never actually shoot them. Shannon is out of jail on bond on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

My question is, “Why in the hell are two men who are 22 and 29 still living at home?” Okay, maybe the 22 year old but the 29 year old man? Kick him the hell out.

If both sons don’t leave now after their father, who is pretty old, fires a gun as a measure of discipline, they are pretty dumb. Likewise, if the father continues to allow them tobum off him after he spent time in jail, then he is pretty dumb as well.