Idiot Domino Workers Video Tape Themselves Tainting Food

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April 15, 2009 | David Wallace | Comments 0

I am increasingly amazed at what people will do to get their “15 minutes of fame.” Stunts are one thing but people capturing themselves committing criminal activities on video and then posting to sites such as YouTube prove just how stupid they really are.

Such is the case for two Domino’s workers who go by the names Michael and Kristy. They video taped themselves passing gas on salami, stuffing cheese up their nostrils and then using the foul fixins’ in the fast food.

The silly-yet-stomach-turning clips — which also showed the workers sneezing and blowing their noses on meals they were handling — were filmed at a Conover, N.C., Domino’s and then posted on YouTube. The pizza delivery giant said it was stunned when the footage surfaced. The pair were promptly terminated.

That’s not all. The Domino’s store where this occurred has filed a criminal complaint against the ex-employees and police issuing a felony warrant for their arrest, according to the BBC. The company also said it plans to file a civil lawsuit against the pranksters.

So, Michael and Kristy, hope you enjoyed your 15 minutes of fame. Now your lives are pretty much over. Dipnoids!

Here are the video clips in question although I don’t know how long they will stay on YouTube before they are removed.

You can also see a video news report as covered by