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January 08, 2009 | David Wallace | Comments 0

This one goes down as one of the dumbest pieces of exercise equipment I have ever seen – the SpeedFit mobile treadmill. The “mobile” aspect of this treadmill is that it is specifically designed to move/walk down the street while you’re treading.Sure you walk or run down the street for exercise the old fashioned way. On the other hand with SpeedFit, now you can do the exact same thing only on a contraption that costs a ton of money, is difficult to maneuver, and is a potential traffic hazard as it can only barely turn corners.

The company claims that their goal with this revolutionary invention is to ” transform this country from a fat one to a fit one in a single generation.”

See it demonstrated for yourself in the video below.

Note: This is apparently a joke as you will not find this product on the site but for those who may be considering inventing such a contraption – dont you dare!