Teens Busted For Arson After Posting Video To YouTube

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April 03, 2009 | David Wallace | Comments 0

Maine police are very thankful for the video hosting service, YouTube. Seven teens and young adults have been arrested after a video was posted that showed them setting off Molotov cocktails inside a vacated building. They even included credits at the end of the video naming those involved.

Waterville police say the suspects, who range in ages from 14 to 20, broke into in a former Boys and Girls Club through a window. Police seized the YouTube video showing the group making and throwing the devices, which exploded and caused flames as high as 20 feet.

Police say the video, which has since been taken off the video-sharing Web site (sorry – no views) , showed the faces of the suspects as well as text naming those pictured. Each is charged with arson and burglary.

Hopefully the fact that the video was posted on YouTube allowed these dipnoids to enjoy their fifteen minutes of fame before they go off to prison.

Original story here.