Woman Files Lawsuit Against Miley Cyrus for Offensive Gesture

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  • Woman Files Lawsuit Against Miley Cyrus for Offensive Gesture

February 12, 2009 | David Wallace | Comments 0

TMZ is reporting that Lucie J. Kim, a woman from Los Angeles, has filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of all Asian Pacific Islanders living in Los Angeles County. She’s seeking a payout: $4 billion for what she refers to as an “obscene gesture” by Cyrus that many Asians found offensive.

In the controversial photo, Cyrus, 16, is shown sitting on her boyfriend’s lap surrounded by a group of friends all making a stereotypical gesture by pulling their eyes into a slanted position. The gesture is commonly thought to be offensive to Asian Pacific Americans.

Miley said she meant no offense by a gesture but Kim isn’t buying the pop star’s story and thinks Cyrus should pay.

Here’s a photo of Miley doing the gesture.

While it is not always nice to make fun of people, especially if it is associated with race or gender, to attempt to sue someone for it is humorous at best. Add to the fact that Kim wants $4 billion!

Mark this one down as one of the more absurd frivolous lawsuits that I’m sure will be thrown out of court.